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  1. The ideal length of content we are really interested in is 1000 words. However, a minimum of 600 words will also be accepted if the content is real good.
  2. Make sure your document name is the title of the piece. Do not title your file as “submission.docx”.
  3. Guest Post should be 3 headings.
  4. Only these file types are accepted: .doc, .docs, .pdf
  5. All images must be in JPG or PNG format.
  6. Ensure that the submitted post is original (should not be published elsewhere), unique, and most importantly plagiarism-free, since we will find out the loopholes if any, and hence you may not hear from us again.
  7. It should, in no way contain obscene, or adult or mature content, that may hurt the reader in any possible way.
  8. I reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your article if necessary.
  9. Lastly, Don’t send spammy and robotic pitches for your guest posts, be genuine and give me the best of your writing. I have a really good audience here and I don’t want to disappoint them one bit!

Charge of $12 is applicable for post submission.

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